Seamlessly delivering unimagined security and privacy to your digital life.

We are building a 2mm-thin touch-screen computing device – attachable through a case to the back of any phone – that enables top enterprises, banks, and mission-critical NGOs to radically exceed the state-of-the-art in the confidentiality and integrity of their lawful communications and financial transactions.

Once market-proven as the end-point security leader, we’ll scale-up as (A) the leading secure enterprise application platform, and expand to wide-market domains of (B) portable consumer devices and (C) critical autonomous systems.


TRUSTLESS.AI is primarily the fruit of 15 years of single-minded quest of our CEO Rufo Guerreschi to realize the potential of ICT to radically improve individual civil freedoms and democratic participation.

Since 1983, the realization of such potential was promised by Richard Stallman‘s with the Free Software Movement, on one side; and by Steve Jobs’ Apple, with its famous “1984” Apple video ad, on the other.

Such promises have not only utterly failed, but the freedom and security of citizens and businesses have dramatically worsened.

Whatever the price a user is willing to pay, there are still no devices in the market today that provide even remotely comprehensive evidence about their level of resistance against scalable, pervasive, undetectable compromisation by large numbers of state and non-state actors.

Thirty three years later, TRUSTLESS.AI has a rock solid plan to fully deliver on such promises, initially to premium users, and then to most citizens, through a unique team and revolutionary IT security paradigms based on ensuring complete transparency, extreme oversight and security-review relative to complexity, of all techs and processes critically involved in the life-cyle.

Since 2013, TRUSTLESS.AI has been “incubated” in the Trustless Computing Inititative by partners and members of the Trustless Computing Consortium with globally-rare or unique expertise in open high-assurance IT. Since 2015, plans for a Trustless Computing Certification Body have been discussed with the top world experts and EU officials at events in Brussels, New York, Brazil, and next in SF, through our Free and Safe in Cyberspace event series. In July 2016, TRUSTLESS graduated from the Berlin-based 2016 Pre-Acceleration Program, sponsored by Siemens, Bosch and Deutsche Bahn. On Oct 22nd, we moved to Menlo Park, CA.

EU Office & Global HQs
Kemperplatz 1,
10785 Berlin
USA Office
68 Willow Road,
Menlo Park, CA, 94025 

Menlo Park Office