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Trustless Computing Initiative
& opportunities for Valley semiconductor foundries

Next November 8th 2016 at 11.30AM PST, we will give a special 30-minute keynote plus Q&A about the Trustless Computing Initiative and its spin-off startup TRUSTLESS.AI  to the monthly meeting Silicon Valley Strategic Advisers (SVSA) at the headquarters of the most historical semiconductor organization in the world, SEMI.

Here is a link to the slides presented in PDF.

Our keynote will focus on our revolutionary fabrication oversight socio-technical solution, CivicFab, and its potential economic impact in the industry and territory, when combined with the creation of a solid and resilient Trustless Computing ecosystems.

We were invited by Jon Scadden, board member of SVSA, and the president of American MiniFoundry, a long time partner of the Initiative. AM tech lead is the former Technical Director of the NSA Trusted Foundry Program, Gerry Etzold.